Is the Web Based Project Management System a Helpful Tool For Our Business?

November 18, 2021 0 By admin

Traditional project management may be resumed to following a limited number of steps in a given order, usually the starting phase, the planning phase, the actual execution, the monitoring and controlling phase and the closing phase. Depending on the type of projects, some of these phases may be skipped or focus may be unevenly allocated to one or another of these steps PMP certification cost .

Everything depends on the type and size of our business. While planning and managing our resources is vital to the success of any business, the type of business changes everything: are we a small family business with a limited scope, in case of which the time and budget limits may be more easily overseen, or are we an international public company like Vodafone, where projects are large and multi-layered, therefore the pools of resources and objectives are larger? In such a case, we would need more sophisticated project management tools to be able to cope. While in the first case pen and paper may be sufficient, in the second case we definitely need project management software.

This software is of many types, depending on the aspect of the project management we would like to stress: are we interested in the cost control, in the allocation of our resources or in documentation?Given large projects are complex, we may need all these applications and a number more. For instance, if we want to allocate people and resources to each task we need the scheduling type. If what we need is information about workloads, we need a providing information type.

What is the advantage of the web-based project management is its accessibility: you can access it from any kind of computer, no installation being needed, and being available to multiple users. Another advantage is that the data are centralized and you have access to the general view on the project and its progress. It has though its drawbacks, such as the response speed, or the unavailability of information when off line. Another problem would be the capacity to adjust to a dynamic progressing project or, if that may be solved, the level of complexity of its features.