How to Overcome Anxiety Today

November 11, 2021 0 By admin

When I first started to research how to overcome anxiety I ran across a bunch or articles that said fake it to you make it, always think of positive things, picture the worst case scenario etc. Not saying those strategies do not work, just saying those strategies did not work that well for me.

What I found to be most effective strategies, strategies that worked for me were just a few changes in my daily habits. The first one was meditation and exercise. I would go to the gym at least five days out of the week, do some light cardio, lift a few weights, and stretch afterwords. Then I would grab my headphones and head to the sauna with a guided mediation downloaded from iTunes and listen to it with my eyes shut for 10 minutes. There is something about the combination of working out, stretching and meditating that puts everything in perspective. Everything seemed calm, and I felt I was in control and everything was going to be just fine.

Of course working out and meditation helps but it’s not a complete 100% cure. There were still times during the day that anxiety issues would trigger. And since that would typically happen in the middle of the day I could not drop everything and go to the gym, so what could I do next? As a result I started listening to self-help tapes, as many as I could Retreat A Course in Miracles . One speaker that I thought was exceptional good was Dr. Wayne Dyer and the power of now. I really enjoyed the concept of the present moment and I think you will to.

I remember listening to his audio tape and how relaxed I felt with the concepts of the present moment. One concept of the present moment is you are an observer, even an observer of your own mind, very powerful stuff. How the power of now works is that nothing if life matters except for the present moment. What I learned is that anxiety is ego driven, anxiety surfaces when a person spends too much time analyzing the past or anticipating the future. I came to another realization is half the stuff I was worrying about never happened which further warrants to power of now.

To really overcome anxiety there are two simple strategies that I consistently work on. The first one is I still exercise, stretch and meditate. The second is I listen to self-help tapes in my car when I am going back and forth to work. Stick with self-help tapes that discuss topics of the present moment concepts, as that should be your goal to start. Remember not analyze the past because that does absolutely nothing for you. Don’t anticipate the future because again that is a waste of time and more likely you will worry about something that won’t come true. Always stay focused on the present moment and understand life is too short to worry. Spend your time enjoying the present moment and never waste another second with anything less.

Too often we tend to live only in the past or in the future. How many of us actually live in the present moment? Hardly anyone to be honest. Personally I know that I have some difficulties. Most of the time our mind travels tirelessly between past and future but we do not realize it. In the past we continually relive scenes wondering how things would have gone if such event had happened or if we had reacted in a particular way… In the future we imagine continually what will happen to us, what we would like to be and the risks that may appear. We are never really in the present moment, completely focused on what we live.

Most problems I have encountered and certainly the majority of those which you have known have come from this inability to live fully in the present. Because most often, there are fear and negative energies in our visions of the past or of the future.

In the past, we often relive painful experiences. By focusing our minds on these energies according to the principles of IKE and MAKIA, we bring them back into the present. We relive these experiences in our reality as if they occurred again! Admittedly this is a bit masochistic. And if we relive happy experiences it is often to compare them with the present and to judge it as less appealing.

Often in the future we plan all our fears. We imagine all the problems that may occur, all possible obstacles and thus we believe that our projects are unfeasible before even having started. In fact we give life to these events since they prevent us from achieving our dreams. Another aspect of the future is to project his mind into a fantasy world to confirm the fact that our present is poor. This also removes all power to your present being.

Then you say: why should I live fully in the present moment, what does it actually have to offer? Simply the power to manifest your dreams and to reign in your reality. The power to be who you are destined to be. Because only in the present moment you can have the ultimate power: the one of making choices and direct your life towards your dreams by becoming the one you are destined to be.