Real Estate Marketing – Keeping Your Blog Updated For Success!

October 12, 2021 0 By admin

Beginning a blog can sometimes seem overwhelming when you realize that you must continuously update your blog in order for it to be effective. So where are you going to get all your information? How are you going to keep your content fresh and interesting? Here are three simple ways to maintain your blog.

Article Writing
Do you have articles that you have written? If so, you can break them into meaningful 100-120 word parts and use each part as a blog entry or “post”. For instance, if you wrote an article that gave three tips for first time home buyers, you could use each tip as a separate blog post and have three posts all ready to go! If you haven’t written articles, you can still use this concept. Take a moment and write down three key thoughts that you want your blog readers to know. Write just a few sentences for each thought and you have your next three blog posts. Add an introduction and conclusion and you have your first article too!

Finding RSS Feeds
Sometimes just coming up with what to say can be a challenge. Need an idea or something to motivate you? Try looking online for news feeds. Using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) you can access those news feeds through a feed reader such as Google Reader. Review the news sources that you find and see what resonates with you. Pick one you think your blog readers will like and write a short review of the article. Post the review along with a link to the actual article.

Building Relationships
In creating your blog posts, keep in mind the main reason you are actually working with a blog. You want to create relationships with people. A side benefit of that would be to actually work with those people as clients and customers. But first and foremost, you want to create connections. You do this through a blog by showing that you are a real person. Each item you post doesn’t have to be solely business related. Share something that is interesting for you as well. Comment on local things happening in your area. Share links to websites that you have found useful. Brag on your kid or grand kid every once in a while. The key here is to come across to your blog readers as a real person, interested in the same things that they are.