Backlinks – Your Gateway to Online Marketing Excellence

July 14, 2021 0 By admin

The world today is a tough place to do business. More so it is tougher when you decide to use the internet as your sole source of market because you will be joining millions of other people who are in the same business as you. The advantages of having over a billion customers might be nullified by poor site ranking meaning that you will never achieve the objectives of your business. To avoid this, you have to use tools of popularising your site or Search Engine Optimization as it is called. One of the top methods that guarantee you this is creation of backlinks to your site.

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For beginners, backlinks are incoming links to your website from another page. They serve like recommendations in the conventional business world how to create backlink. The use of backlinks ensures that you get constant flow of traffic to your website and when this happens your site will rise in ranking when the internet users are searching for products and services that you offer. The backlinks ensure that in the super highway that the internet has become, there are many outlets that lead from there to your site. The bottom line is ensuring that the search engine spiders or crawlers are able to index your site themselves instead of you doing it and this earns you higher ranking.

Though backlinks are very important, the issue of quality backlinks arises every now and then. It is a fact that having many backlinks doesn’t guarantee automatic success for your site. The backlinks that you chose must be relevant to the product you sell. This means that the popularity of a site should not be the basis of the backlinks but the fact that there is a link between what you offer and the other site’s services. For example, a hotel owner can have backlinks to a taxi business in the vicinity because these two businesses are closely related.

The question that arises then is; how do you get the best backlinks? This is easy to do but it requires dedication on the side of the site owner. Firstly, remember there are two categories of backlinks; follow and no follow. This distinction is made on the basis of which one gets you results on ranking. The no follow backlinks should be avoided because though they lead traffic to your site, they don’t add value to the SEO as the ranking will not be affected. To know whether a site is a no follow or follow, then use the tools available from sites such as Google. You can also go to the page and click on the view tab and later on the source. This will give you the HTML code for the page and you can then check the status of the link.

Today, there are many other ways of getting these backlinks but the main objective should be quality and not quantity. There are methods such as posting blogs, article submission, social bookmarking among others. There are even companies that sell services on increasing the backlinks though their operations can sometimes lead to penalties from the search engines. Whatever you decide always ensure you research widely and avoid shortcuts. In addition, evaluate the backlinks through link popularity checkers or any other methods. The gist of it is; backlinks are the future of internet marketing.