3 Treatments for Sex Addiction

July 4, 2021 0 By admin

Finding the right treatment for sex addiction can be really difficult. Every sex addict is at a different point in their life when they decide to seek treatment: some are settled down with a partner, kids, and a steady job, while others are single and drifting. Some are young, some are elderly. Some are tight on cash while some have a hefty bank account. Any of these factors can be something to consider when selecting the right treatment for you. Here are the top three treatments for sex addiction with proven results.

Twelve step programs
A twelve step program is basically a recovery program and support group combined literotica. Twelve step programs follow a very specific philosophy to recovery: the Twelve Steps. You may have heard of twelve step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, but there are similar programs for sex addiction, such as Sex Addicts Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and Sexaholics Anonymous. Admission to these meetings is free. At a meeting, you can expect other people to share their stories of recovery and current struggles, as well as asking for support from other group members. You are not required to share anything, but you are encouraged to do so as it will help you extend your support network.

Therapy with a certified sex addiction therapist

If you have health insurance, attending therapy sessions with a certified sex addiction therapist could be a really good option for you. This type of therapy can take a long time, typically lasting four to five years, with meetings once or twice per week. During this therapy, you can expect to be asked about your family, trauma history, intimacy, and sex education. You can also expect to be asked to remain abstinent for a short period of time. Family therapy and marital therapy may or may not be implemented. In and of itself, sex addiction is not considered a reimbursable diagnosis by most health insurance companies. However, if you meet the criteria for another mental issue (such as depression or bipolar), the therapy will likely be paid for in full.

Treatment facilities

If you have extremely good health insurance or enough cash to do it, you could also go to a treatment facility specifically geared towards the treatment of sex addiction. This type of treatment generally takes anywhere from an intensive week program to a few months, with each and every day centered on your recovery. It’s an exhausting process, but it takes less time than traditional sex addiction therapy. It is, however, expensive: you must find a way to pay for the travel, the stay at the facility, and any personal supplies or transportation you might require while you’re there. It can also be emotionally difficult to be far away from your family and primary support group. On top of this, you will need to take a leave of absence from your job. Some people consider the trade-off to be worth it; others do not.

The surest way to select the best treatment for your personal situation is to evaluate your life carefully and see where your concerns lie: Are you insured? Do you have extra money? Do therapists intimidate you? Is your support group dwindling? Would you feel better being treated alone or with other people? Any of these questions can help you decide.