How Many Smart Phones Do You Use In Your Small Service Business?

June 17, 2021 0 By admin

Nearly four decades ago, I had one of the first cell phones, nothing like today, it was a carry bag the size of a six-pack cooler with a huge battery sending out the signal with 3-watts. Not too impressive compared to the sleek iPhone latest model, but it worked and I had one, while my competition didn’t. I won, or did I at nearly $800.00 to $1,000.00 per month phone bills? Fast forward 15-years and I was busy franchising my business and I had three cell-phones, one which operated as an Alpha-Page + Cellphone and it could do basic emails, like the Blackberry but 5-years before that.

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I had a franchisee in Memphis TN give me a lecture about how I was using this technology to ‘look cool’ and while it did look cool, I needed all those cell phones to run my company. To talk with suppliers, corporate customers, and one for franchisees, the last one I had to answer, the others I might hold off for 10-15 minutes. Generally, I’d hand one of the phones to an assistant, Blitz Team Coordinator, or a manager. I tried to explain this to my Memphis franchisee, but he thought I looked ridiculous. In hindsight, I think I just might have been well ahead of the technology curve, using and leveraging these devices to operate at the speed of sound Realme X7 Max 5G.

Today, it wouldn’t look too weird at all to see a corporate franchisor founder on the move with an entourage and three cell phones, handing them off as needed and never slowing down for anything. In fact, you might expect that – someone has to run the company right?

There was an interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal on April 2, 2014 titled “When One Phone Isn’t Enough – As Personal and Professional Blur, Some Choose Separate Devices; Cumbersome but a Promise of Privacy,” by Elizabeth Holmes. The piece was expertly written of course as usual for Elizabeth and it was featured in the Journal’s “Personal Section” on the front page. The feature article depicted various folks toting two or more cell phones, each with different reasons. Ability to talk on one, tweet, and use the GPS or web-surfing on another.

Today at Starbucks I noted a gal who was all tech’ed out with an iPad, Smart Phone and personal cell phone too. Talk about a multi-tasker, all the while having a conversation with me on the side. The day before a student was there with his lap top, smart phone, and scientific calculator. I saw two people last week with Google Glass, and I engaged them in a conversation for a future article. I guess the question is; how much personal tech do you really need?

You see, I still have one of those stupid flip-phones. It might look stupid but it sure works for me, in case I get a phone call. Of course, today, I am pretty much semi-retired turning 50 this year, but I just smile when I see all this technology everywhere I go – you go Multi-Tasker – you go!