Designing the iPad Wedding Album – Apps for Easy iPad Wedding Album Sharing

June 16, 2021 0 By admin

You have clicked the pics, edited them, designed them and made a memorable masterpiece out of your wedding photos. The last step would be sharing your well-designed new age iPad wedding album with friends and families!

Ways to share without fancy apps

Internet – Email and web albums

As we already know, the iPad can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and 3G. Connect to your email account from your iPad, compose a new email and attach the wedding photos to this email. You can now email these photos to yourself from your iPad. You can later forward that email to friends and families. However, this is one of the most difficult ways to go about sharing your iPad wedding album. 婚介

If you happen to have Picasa web album or Flickr account, you can log on to it from your iPad and load the entire album at a tap of a finger 相親. You can then share the uploaded web album with loved ones. This is one of the easy ways but not the easiest.

Sharing between iPhone, iPod touch and Mac/PC

Sharing between devices is another hassle free way. If you have the group of friends with whom you would like to share your iPad wedding album, and they happen to own one of the Apple’s device listed above, you can easily share the album using Bluetooth. You can send an entire album with a tap of the finger speed dating hong kong.

Photo/Album sharing using apps

The iPad’s very own MobileMe Gallery app

Sharing without using any apps might look as an easy option, but it is not helping you organize your photos in your iPad. In addition, this kind of sharing is a one-way sharing. While your friends might know what you are uploading, you might on the other hand be clueless regarding their photo uploads.

To solve this problem, iPad has an indigenous app called MobileMe. This is your iPad’s personal data manager. One of the sub apps of MobileMe is the Gallery app. This application halves your time you spend on uploading the photos and sharing them with your family and friends. First, you need to sign up at Apple’s website.

With that member name and password, you log into the account through your iPad. This action will automatically sync all your photos with your account on! The app has an offline mode. This enables you to flick through recently viewed photos of your web account, even without the internet. You can add your friends from your iPad. MobileMe will automatically suggest the names of the friends who already have the gallery app account on Once you add your friends, a blue dot will appear next to their name every time they upload new photos. Thus, you can be up-to-date on their uploads as well.

Picasa Web Albums for iPad

If you are a Google fan or hold a Gmail account, your photo manager, undoubtedly, would be Picasa. In such a case, you might want to link your iPad wedding albums to your Picasa web albums. This app helps you do just that. You can sign in with your Gmail id and transfer all your photo albums to this app. Once connected to the internet, all the photos get uploaded along with the tags and comment that you might have added for the photos. You can also password protect the albums and decide the privacy level. iTunes is not required for syncing the albums to the iPad when using this app.