Internet Marketing – How To Improve the Inbound Links to Your Website

June 10, 2021 0 By admin

Link Building is an important part of the Internet Marketing. It is so important that this has become a flourishing business profile. Many SEO companies have link building as their only business objective. It is important to know that using some techniques is against Search Engines’ Terms of Service and could get your site banned.

What Are the Back-links?

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. Backlinks are important for SEO because they determine in a certain percentage the popularity of a website or a page. It seems that Google takes in consideration the reliability of the backlink source. As an example, a new website will not hold the same importance in Google’s algorithm as a link on Wikipedia or on an old PR9 website Black hat forum.

White-Hat and Black Hat SEO

The algorithm to calculate link popularity and search results is complicated and, of course, secret. Website owners discovered various elements that could improve reputation and they linked this with the little information that Google has given us. Once the algorithm guessed, people started to manipulate search results by artificially “optimizing” certain aspects of their Internet presence. All of the techniques and methods to artificially grow popularity of a site or manipulate in any sort the results of search engines are generically called Black-Hat SEO and they are against the TOS of search engines. All of the techniques that are not trying to manipulate search results, and are the result of natural Internet activity, are called White-Hat SEO. White-Hat SEO techniques are a great way to increase link popularity and get more visitors to your website.

Link Building Strategies

Any serious webmaster or Internet marketer has a few options to build links without attempting to manipulate rankings. As a site owner, you are very often perceived as an author; all of the writing contributors, including you, create an image for your website. The image you create on Web determines your popularity. Here is a list of good ways to establish yourself as an author and promote your website: